Add mulch to your garden beds and enjoy the benefits all season long.

  • Retain moisture in the soil, helping to keep your flowers beautiful.
  • Helps keep soil cool during the hot months and warm during the cooler months.
  • Spend less time weeding.
  • Make your gardens more colourful. Adds shape and dimension to garden beds.

(Sold by ½ yd, YARD, etc.)

(Also available 2cu.ft bags (approximate weight), call for availability)

  • Mulches are Processed from hardwood
  • Substrates. Ground and aged for stability
  • Uniform, somewhat fibrous texture

Horticultural Benefits

  • Ground and aged for stability
  • Acts as a natural weed barrier, making it difficult for airborne seeds to take root
  • Pigment used during the colouring process is a natural iron oxide
  • Can be used to complement the landscape by adding colour

(We carry a selection of bagged mulchfor those smaller projects.)

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