Medium Pondless Waterfall Kit 16-feet Stream with SLD 4000-7000 Adjustable Flow Pond Pump

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The Aquascape Medium Pondless® Waterfall Kit with SLD 4000-7000 Solids-Handling, Adjustable Flow Pond Pump comes complete with everything you need to build a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, recirculating 16ft waterfall and stream in any space, eliminating the guesswork and calculations when purchasing individual components. The complete kit includes a 22in wide waterfall spillway diffuser to optimize water flow and a pump vault for quick and easy pump access. The included SLD solids-handling pump reduces pump maintenance and allows you to easily connect to the Aquascape Smart Control App to schedule and adjust flow with your smartphone or tablet. An LED lighting package is included to bring your pond to life at night. An Automatic Dosing System and 32 oz. water treatment is included to automatically add water treatments to the waterfall, keeping water conditions clean and clear.

  • Complete Pondless® Waterfall Kit eliminates guesswork and calculations
  • Builds a 16′ waterfall and stream
  • Control solids-handling, adjustable flow pump with the Aquascape Smart Control APP
  • Convenient Welcome Kit is included as a perfect introduction to the Aquascape Lifestyle!




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